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Park Street Kolkata Christmas 2023


Kolkata Christmas festival has been celebrated in the iconic Park Street since 2011. From 2015 onwards, the festival has grown in size and now the streets are made totally free of vehicles to make space for the people in the evenings. This year on Christmas Day an estimated 70,000 people visited the Festival between 4 PM in the evening and midnight. Christmas Carnival on Park Street, Kolkata India 2023

The frenzy on Monday was comparable to the December 31 night here in 2019. It seemed that every app based cab and Metro passenger was headed this way. I visited for a short while and I was mesmerized by the joyous crowds and the merry making. People of all ages were present and they were having a gala time. Christmas Carnival on Park Street, Kolkata India 2023

Christmas means food and if you want your share of Christmas goodies, there’s no better place than the Festival! The length of Park Street and Allen Park and lined with tens of food stalls serving up baked goods, homemade treats, warming snacks and more. You’ll get food that you won’t otherwise throughout the year — Christmas cake tops that list! Christmas Carnival on Park Street, Kolkata India 2023

The whole length of Park Street was decked out in fairy lights, tuni bulbs and Christmas-themed lighting. After the sun sets, the lights come on ( it gets dark around 5:20 pm) and it’s absolutely magical. The lights are already up so go check them out {they come on about post 4:30 pm} for an Insta-worthy view.

Vendor with Christmas Merchandise Christmas Carnival on Park Street, Kolkata India 2023

Park Street is literally the most lit thing in the city of Joy! Christmas Carnival on Park Street, Kolkata India 2023

If you want the whole experience, hit the road on Christmas eve. Parts of Park Street are cordoned off for pedestrians to walk down the road and enjoy the lights, fervour and festivities. You can start at the Park Street metro station side and make your way to the Camac Street crossing and end in Allen Park (which is where all the action happens). You can continue towards the Vardan Market side and take the cab from here to return back.

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  • Joshua Netly says:

    I had a bad experience at this place. I will never ever visit Park Street when its crowded. Full of creeps and despos.

  • RogerS Masp says:

    Good Photographs of Park Street Christmas festival on your blog. Good Work

  • Donald Ghosh says:

    The Park Street festival is highly overrated. Its just like any other occasion. I feel people need some excuse to go out and click photographs and Park Street Christmas festival gives people that opportunity to show off.

  • Anthony Tata says:

    Good Photographs, but nothing new. Seen these photographs of Park Street Christmas festival which have been clicked by other people a thousand times before. Everyone is posting the same pics on their Inst or FB.

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