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West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar

West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar : Front View

Booking Experience

I visited Mahabaleshwar with a few of my friends recently. We made an impromptu plan and then started looking around  for places to stay in the hill station. Since the dates were decided on a short notice and it being a holiday season, most of the places were either booked or too costly.
Our criteria was that the hotel which we chose in Mahabaleshwar should be close to the city but affordable.

West Lodge Bungalow was suggested to us by a friend who had stayed there a few months back and he was pretty sold on the property and service.

We contacted Mr. Bhatia, the owner of West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar over phone and enquired about the tariffs and the availability for the dates on which we were travelling. To our luck, rooms were available and we transferred an advance immediately.  Surprisingly, the prices quoted by Mr.  Bhatia were one-third of what the online portals were offering for the same property. It was good that we contacted him directly.

West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar : Large Property

Our Stay at West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar

We reached the bungalow in the evening just as it was beginning to get dark. As per the met forecast it was going to be a very cold night on that day. It was predicted to be 4 degrees lower than what is normal for that time of the year. And we felt it right away. The moment it was dark the mercury fell rapidly and before long it was 10 degrees. (It went down to 6 degrees in the night !)

The location of the West Lodge Bungalow is perfect. On one side there is no other property and its open jungle while the front area has a small road leading up to it.

This is a 80 year old property and recently renovated. So you have the modern amenities but the feel and arrangement is of a colonial property.

The owner, Mr. Bhatia stays in one part with his family and they were very good hosts.

West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar
West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar : 10 Degree Temperature

They prepare food according to our requirements and have well-trained staff. The prices of food are reasonable.

There is ample space to park vehicles and they do wash the vehicles for a small charge.Fi

West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar
West Lodge Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar Crackling Camp Fire

Mr. Bhatia has a few pet dogs who move around the property but we did not see them bothering the guests.

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