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Heart Failure in 40s

Heart Failure in 40s blog article

There has been a spate of heart attacks among well-known public figures in their 40s. I am not sure if the incidences are increasing or it has been like this always. But as public figures are involved, this issue is getting its required dose of publicity. Heart failure at young age is not uncommon among high-risk individuals. People who have hypertension or are obese are more likely to have heart problems and even failure at young age. Heart Failure in 40s, How to prevent unexpected heart failure, Symptoms of heart failure

What’s surprising is that people who have none of the traits associated with heart disease also succumb to this heart failure. In many such cases, people who are fighting fit and have followed a healthy lifestyle also die abruptly due to heart attacks. This brings us to the question, what can be done to prevent this or if anything can be done at all. Heart Failure in 40s, How to prevent unexpected heart failure, Symptoms of heart failure

Heart failures are called silent killers. Because in a lot of cases, there is no imminent sign that the organ is going to fail. So relying on the absence of symptoms can be misleading and can lead to ugly surprises. Healthy lifestyle includes good food habits, moderate exercise and controlled indulgence. but in addition to these one also must undergo an annual heart check. The check-up costs around Rs. 3000 (approximately, varies from lab to lab) and you need to spend about 2-hours at the lab. The results are ready in 2 days. Its a small amount to pay for the assurance that the heart is working properly. This is specially important if you are under medication.

The regular check-up will flag certain abnormalities and give you a heads up if there is something to be worried about. In many cases, corrective steps can be taken which can reduce the risks arising out of the hidden heart problems. Heart Failure in 40s, How to prevent unexpected heart failure, Symptoms of heart failure

Signs of Heart Attack

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Unusual Fatigue
  • Unexplained pain in Jaw
  • Pain in the Back
  • Nausea
  • Pain that travels down one or both arms

Identifying the attack is difficult as most of the symptoms mentioned above might be due to other less critical reasons too. So if you have a combination of any of these then please don’t delay contacting your doctor or emergency.

2 comments on “Heart Failure in 40s”

  • Rajesh K says:

    The latest entrant to this unfortunate list is Puneeth Rajkumar. Rest in peace Appu.

    • Jawed says:

      yes..unfortunately..but he will not be the last. The instances are increasing. We need to take very minimal precautions to cut down the risks. regards, Jawed

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