Md. Jawed Ahmed
Experienced IT Professional based out of Kolkata in India.

Lighthouse at Tajpur


A few months ago I had visited Tajpur beach where I got to climb to the top of the new lighthouse. This lighhouse has been constructed a few months before the lockdown and was inaugurated during lockdown.. Generally visitors are not allowed to enter the lighthouse, but there is a kind hearted security guard who agrees to let you in if you request nicely.

A view of the lighthouse from the Beach

View from atop the Lighthouse at Tajpur Sea Beach

The technical details of the lighthouse are printed and put on a board just before the stairs start. The following details are present.

The lights complete one rotation every 15 seconds. And are powered by efficient LEDs. The height of the tower is 33 metres.

Commissioned by Sh. Ellapan Murthy.
The stairwell is very well maintained and clean. Its well lit as well, with skylights to let in the natural light and electrical lamps as well. 

Its easy to get deceived from the base. The lighthouse does not look that tall.


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