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Rajasthani Mela(2023)


4 comments on “Rajasthani Mela(2023)”

  • RobertSlamb says:

    I too visited and the Rajasthani Mela was awesome !. Good Food and good crowd…

  • SpencerHab says:

    The event is only for one time visit. If you visit this one year, then you would not want to visit the next year. Nothing new.

  • Robertkiz says:

    They should do something about the dust at the Rajasthani Mela at Nicco Park. After a couple of hours( around 9 PM, it becomes so dusty(smoggy too) and it being winter does not help)

  • WilliammiC says:

    This is a good blog article on your website. I visited this mela last year and it was a good experience. You have not posted any photographs of the dining experience at the famous Chokhi Dani.

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