Md. Jawed Ahmed
Experienced IT Professional based out of Kolkata in India.

Sonar Bangla Resort, Taki

30-July-2019 Jawed Ahmed visit to Sonar Bangla Resort in Taki

I visited Taki in June this year along with a couple of colleagues of mine. We drove down from Kolkata. We started around six and were at the resort by 9:30 am. The roads are single carriage way for most of the route, but since its close by it was not such a big deal. The resort (like the other Sonar Bangla’s ) is located right on the river edge. The name of the river is Ichhamati and this acts as a border between India and Bangladesh. In the afternoon we ventured out into the town and purchased fresh fish. The vendor undertook to cook it and bring it to our hotel was yummy !. We checked out the next day and were back in our homes by 12 noon. Visit to Sonar Bangla Taki, by Jawed Ahmed and friends

There is ample parking space in the resort. But the last couple of kilometres of the approach are very narrow and pass through rough roads. All rooms have river view. But the room service was pathetic. Most probably due to the new staff as the property was being renovated when we visited. Visit to Sonar Bangla Taki, by Jawed Ahmed and friends, One can take a boat ride on the River Ichhamati

The mornings at the resort are wonderful. One can take a leisurely stroll on the river bank, then take a sauna bath before joining the breakfast buffet. Visit to Sonar Bangla Taki, by Jawed Ahmed and friends

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